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Sheehan & Sheehan, Lawyers, P.C. is a general civil practice, concentrating on the following subject areas:

We handle a large number and wide variety of adoption cases, including private-placement adoption of unrelated children, adoption of step-children by a step-parent, traditional agency adoptions, State-subsidized “special needs” adoptions, and re-adoption (in Illinois) of foreign-born children. We represent adoptive parents through the entire adoption process, including placement, filing of petition, natural-parental rights surrenders and involuntary terminations, home-study (when required) and final court hearing.
We represent many clients engaged in agriculture. Our services include estate planning, succession and tax planning, real estate transactions and commercial development, boundary disputes, contractual matters (including farm leases, mineral & wind-energy agreements, and cellular tower agreements), and compliance with zoning, land use, and environmental regulations. We also work with clients on the formation of business corporations, limited liability companies, and other business enterprises for agricultural operations.

We assist business clients in their transactional needs, including start-ups, incorporation, limited-liability companies, mergers, acquisitions, corporate dissolution and business reorganization.

We provide estate and tax planning services to individual clients, families, fiduciaries and charitable organizations. Our services include the drafting of wills and testamentary trusts, revocable living trusts, powers of attorney for property and health care, life insurance trusts, charitable annuity trusts, special-needs trusts, guardianship of minors and of disabled adults, elder law issues and estate administration generally. We also handle the administration of trusts, the probate of wills and estates, non-probate transfers and estate litigation.

When You Make or Revise a Will 

  • The planning and drafting of your will are an important legal matter. We can plan your estate in a way that will be most beneficial to you and your heirs. Also, we can suggest ways to organize your estate so that substantial savings in estate and inheritance taxes and other estate costs are realized.
  • In Illinois, a person who creates a will must be of sound mind and memory. There are a number of decisions for you to make: Who will receive the assets from your estate, and at what age? Who will be named as guardians and trustees for any minor children, and what are their duties? Should you consider trust provisions to protect the interests of certain adult children?
  • Who should be named as executor of your will? Should charitable gifts be included? What steps can be taken to avoid paying unnecessary estate or inheritance taxes after death?

It’s human nature to put off until tomorrow what should be done today. But when it comes to your will, don’t procrastinate! 

We handle transactions involving many aspects of real estate law, including “by owner” sales, purchases, development matters, leases, contracts, examination of title-insurance commitment and/or survey to determine that you are purchasing the property contracted for without encumbrances or title defects that you have not agreed to accept, closings and tax-deferred exchanges. Each contract we prepare is custom fit to protect and suit your specific needs and circumstances.

Our services include the preparation of individual, fiduciary and estate tax returns. We also handle the tax aspects of business transactions.

No matter how insignificant a traffic violation may seem, serious consequences may result from a traffic offense conviction. It is critical to take steps to protect your rights and your driving record. We offer affordable representation to individuals facing all types of traffic violations as well as individuals charged with minor criminal offenses.

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